DSI Pro-2: Vision

$ 20.00

Taking DSI's most powerful mono-synth, the Pro-2,  Aiyn Zahev Sounds presents a high quality expansion of 64 sounds designed to provide inspiration to anyone working with electronic music.

Warm and lush pads, dark ambient beds, rhythmic sequences, deep basses and odd experimental sounds make up this first 3rd party bank for the DSI Pro-2.

Old school & new school, a balance of beautiful ear catching presets as well as more modest work-horse sounds.  Nothing is generic, everything is formed in the typical Aiyn Zahev style. 

  •  Internal gain staging for clean sounds
  • Patch list included
  • Gorgeous 1080p desktop artwork. 
  • MIDI Sysex file (instructions included)
  • Please NOTE: Installs to User Bank 3!

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