Transitions Vol's 1-3 Bundle for Diva

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The Transitions Vol’s 1-3 Bundle spans over 3 years of work and includes 430 presets in total. The three volumes have a strong focus on dance music but cover a lot of ground with many ambient textures, pads, FX, and versatile bass and lead sounds that could be used in any genre, in both vintage and modern styles, making it a worthwhile collection for any producer.

Diva’s complex modeling allows for huge variety in sonic detail; Old school patches sound genuinely vintage, digital patches are reminiscent of classic Romplers, and modern sounds are clean, analog and punchy, using oscillator stacking for a wide stereo spread. 

Expect aggressive bass sounds, techno chords, raw acid, huge trance leads & plucks, contrasted with ethereal atmospheric patches, soft cinematic strings & melodic arpeggio & sequence patches.

The aim of the Transitions series is to provide a solid starting point for musical parts, which can be used “out of the box” or edited to match your track better.  To make the large amount of patches more accessible, the bank has been organized and color coded into categories which can be navigated from Diva’s preset browser. The separate banks in their original formats are also included. 

In total the bank includes:

  • 27 Ambient sounds / Textures 
  • 49 Arpeggio based presets
  • 86 Bass
  • 12 Chord
  • 35 FX
  • 90 Leads
  • 65 Pads
  • 35 Plucks
  • 29 Sequences
  • 6 Misc Synth Sounds

Finally a MIDI folder is included with the parts from the Transitions Vol.3 audio demo.

"The quality is simply outstanding and I can use them right away without  fine-tuning them... this is what I call good presets. Your sense for trance and progressive sounds is exceptional... The most used soundbanks are Transitions 1 to 3 for diva, definitely”
Bjulin Music, on his compositions for Nintendo Switch’s Fast RMX

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