Pigments Expanse

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Pigments Expanse includes 130 presets for Arturia Pigments V3

Expanse explores a wide landscape of cinematic sounds, covering mysterious ambiances, aggressive bass tones and sequences, up to sonorous leads and rich expressive pads.  The patches are designed to compliment each other, helping to create tension and release.

Inspired by dark indie movie synth scores and big budget lush scores alike.  This expansion aims to give artists a broad pallet of well crafted sounds, perfect for creating rich background layers or bold upfront compositions, or of course a mix of both.

The bulk of Expanse is comprised of pads, ambiences and rich bass tones and rhythmic sequences.  There is also a nice selection of FX, leads and various emotive synth sounds.

Patches have been carefully programmed with various mod wheel, aftertouch and macro controls, and tagged in Pigments internal browser system. 

Also included are additional samples (loaded along with the bank, baked into the patches). These come from amazing analog modules and synths.

  • Custom sample content
  • Macro, Modwheel and aftertouch assignments
  • MIDI from audio demo included
  • 130 sounds
  • Browser tags
  • Pigments Version 3 required


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