Diva: Transitions Vol.3

$ 15.00 $ 30.00

This brand new collection in the series offers 130 sounds, spanning dark moody atmospheres, modular style FX, and evolving cinematic pads, contrasted with deep house chords and a variety of basses, trance plucks and supersaws.

The aim of the Transitions Vol.3 Expansion is to provide inspiring and easy to use sounds, that both fit in a mix and stand out aesthetically. The different oscillator and filter models are used for their specific sound characteristics, whether it’s for contemporary EDM basses, vintage analog chords or crunchy digital pads & choirs.  Diva’s voice tweak controls are tightened for snappy modern sounds, or set up to create a sense of organic movement in the vintage sounds and arpeggiator patches.

Expect aggressive bass sounds, techno chords, raw acid, huge trance leads & plucks, contrasted with ethereal atmospheric patches, soft cinematic strings & melodic arpeggio & sequence patches.

The bank includes: 6 Ambient, 22 Arp, 24 Bass, 8 Chord, 18 FX, 3 Keys, 15 Leads, 19 Pads, 11 Plucks & 5 Sequences.

I believe this to be my best bank for Diva so far, but check out the demo, get the free presets and find out for yourself

Modwheel and Velocity assignments are featured throughout and royalty free MIDI used to create the audio demo is included.

What they say:
"Holy f****** s***. Just got my hands on AiynZahevSounds new bank for Diva. What a talent. Blown. Away. All over my next track." 
- The Thrillseekers

"The quality is simply outstanding and I can use them right away without  fine-tuning them... this is what I call good presets. Your sense for trance and progressive sounds is exceptional... The most used soundbanks are Transitions 1 to 3 for diva, definitely”  
- Bjulin Music, on his compositions for Nintendo Switch’s Fast RMX



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