Massive X - New Sounds for a new generation July 4, 2019 00:55

Truth be told, technically there are other synths that surpass MX for features in some area or another, but the real key here is how great MX sounds at anything you put it to.  

The banks will be set by genre, first I'll work on the fundamentals, great sounding basses, leads & pads that you can set to work in your music immediately.   We'll cover EDM, Trance, Techno and move on to the more cinematic, retro and abstract.

Now, I never assume someone who's making EDM won't be interested in some gorgeous pads, or someone working in cinematic sounds wouldn't  appreciate some perfect techno stabs or trance plucks.  

All my time providing sounds to artists has taught me that you should never underestimate people's creativity.  People have sent me music of all kinds of genres using only sounds from my banks, banks which were aimed at trance producers. These pieces of music all had one thing in common, they sounded great.  That has been the no.1 driving force for me, and is the main reason for the success of Aiyn Zahev Sounds, such as it is.  

I've always sought to provide beauty, that feeling when you load a preset, playing a note or chord and feeling immediately inspired, no matter what genre you typically work in.  It's about love of sound first, everything else is a matter of sensible organization.

A Classic Trance Playlist July 27, 2015 12:50

I've created a youtube playlist of select trance classics.  It currently has over 300 videos and the first 30 videos are in rough chronological order.  I plan to finish the chronological arrangement throughout the list.

If you enjoy trance, want some inspiration, want know more about it's past or just want some cool music to listen to, here you go.  All videos are the best quality I could find and none of them feature questionable artwork you might not want on the screen while you're at work.  If you have suggestions of your own let me know, if I like them I'll add them to the list!